Meet Ben, a hero for children who can't walk!
A young man named Ben watched the CNN report on this project, and decided he would personally get involved
to make a difference in the lives of the children I am trying to help.  With help from Helen, his Mom, he set up to play his
guitar on the streets of San Francisco for two hours, raising an incredible $2269.46!

Thanks to Ben, many children with disabilities who have never had a wheelchair will now know the freedom and mobility which a high quality
pediatric wheelchair can bring.  Ben - YOU ARE THEIR HERO!  And MY HERO!  Ben has been a real trooper, raising donations many weekends since
March 2008 - even while he was sick.  He's encountered many generous people who have encouraged him and donated money right into his guitar
case to support the WFIK project with his Mom standing by.  However, he's also endured the ridicule of a few adults and  classmates for standing
up for the disabled children of Iraq and doing the right thing.  It's been a great maturing experience for him, and he's a better guy for it!
Ben set up his own website and blog (
I Play for  As of September 2012, Ben has raised $35,000!  Because of Ben's efforts,
the lives of
one hundred children and their families have been changed in a big way.

My Hero Ben!
Wheelchairs for Kurdistan Kids